Love, Love, Love...[Films]

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So, I know it sounds sappy but I love Valentine's Day. It might have been invented for commercial purposes but I still adore the fact that there is an actual day celebrating love. I've never felt out of place on Valentine's Day as a single lady because love doesn't have to come from a significant other. There's the love of a parent, a sibling and of course the love of friendship. So in honor of Valentine's Day, my posts (unless stated otherwise) will be focused on the concepts of love until the day after V-Day. To kick it off, I've decided to post my favorite scenes from different movies (because that's what I do best :P):

Okay, so the video doesn't come in very well but I still wanted to post it because I've always loved this scene. Some might think it's kind of goofy and uninteresting but I actually think it's quite lovely! *don't laugh at me*! The innocence expressed in this scene (no matter how dorky it may be) is one of the best lines in the movie and one of the best things a guy could ever say to a girl:

I feel that the best scene from Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain is when she is in the haunted house and Nino (dressed as the skeleton) breathes on her neck. SO HOTT. BUT I could not find that video, so I will show you my second favorite scene. You want Amélie so badly to talk to Nino but she doesn't gain enough courage! *sadness* Still, she notices how he drinks his coffee and other cute quirks while she stands behind him. Kawaii!

This scene breaks my heart every time I watch it. I've always thought that this was one of the best "couple" scenes ever in a film. Watch and enjoy <3

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  1. I have been formulating an obsession with the royal tenebaums! it's so good!

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