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Just thought I would share this lovely piece of artwork for you.


^o^ this is what I am doing right now! eating cookies and tea!
Have a great night!


LoVe, lOvE, LOve [movie of the month]

Listening to : You're So Cool - Hans Zimmer

So, just a few hours ago, I just got done watching one of my new favorite movies. It's called True Romance and it was directed by Tony Scott and written by Quentin Tarantino! Can you imagine? Quentin Tarantino's image of a romance film??? Freakin' amazing! I loved every moment (even the sad parts). I had watched it with my friends Timmy and Stacy and we had a blast! So, just in time for Valentine's Day, here's my favorite movie of the month, True Romance (the best scene from the movie):



Love, Love, Love [music today]

Listening to : I'm Waking Up to Us - Belle & Sebastian

Heya! back for more lovin! hehe. So here are some great songs/"couple bands" that I admire. You can really tell by their music/lyrics that the feelings are true. First off, Mates of State - one of the best "couple bands" I know of! I can only imagine how well they get along and inspire each other with music like this:

Mates of State - Get Better

What can I say about Death Cab for Cutie? Just that they have some of the greatest modern day love songs in the world. This one is my favorite because the lyrics (and the music video that goes along with it) seem so natural and poetically realistic:

Death Cab for Cutie - Movie Script Ending

Okay back to something similar to Death Cab...sort of. "Such Great Heights" is such an amazing love song for the very same reasons I feel "Movie Script Ending" is a well. The Postal Service introduced another one of the greatest love songs in the modern day. I must admit though that Iron & Wine's soft, lullaby version is far more romantic.

Iron & Wine - Such Great Heights