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So I was MIA again...I was so busy with orientation and catching up with friends and spending time with the boy <3 that I didn't have time to blog (sucessfully). I have been doing a lot stuff for my peer mentoring job (like meeting the kids 3 days ahead of time) and stressing over the fact that I am a senior *yikes!*.

A couple of cool things that made me happy these past three days:

1. Move in day: Blake Edwards speaking like a Irish-man to all of the unsuspecting freshmen and their parents. I'm sure they will see him later speaking in an American accent and wonder, "What?" That's Blake for you.

2. Blake talking in an Irish accent with a hint of gayness (sugested by Christina XD).

3. Reading Stephen King's Carrie in the new lounge area at school and being interupted about 5 or 6 times in 2 hours by faculty asking me if I liked it or not and that I was one of the first students to use it >_<

4. Jillian's reaction to Shanna giving her a lap dance! Shanna turned to me and said, "Wanna see how you can make Jillian blush?"

5. Mandi, Caroline, and Christina as suitemates...their relationship is the funniest to observe.

6. Shanna and her suitemates suite in general...it's so big!!

7. Meeting my peer mentees! Some of them were kinda shy but the others seemed like they would love to get involved in some of activities that I plan on doing with them.

8. My view from my window! I see the roof top to the coffee house and it's three chimneys *geeks out*

9. Watching TrueBlood with my lovely Smidge. It made me appreciate vampire love stories again (besides my ever so favorite Japanese magna Vampire Knight).

10. Meeting all of the great new (and old) peeps on my floor in VC!


Online Shopping

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I've just been really lazy around the house and taking advantage of the internet actually working on a daily bases. I have bought only a third of my school books because 3 of my classes don't have them posted yet. So, I decided to look around Half.com and see what I could get for cheap...I ended up finding a lot!

This has got to be one of my favorite TV series: Wonderfalls

*sigh* Perfect Blue...How could an anime movie be so scary yet so...lovely?

Tokyo Godfathers is the most kawaii rated R movie ever :P

and of course...the Paprika soundtrack


My New (and old?) Favorite Japanese Electro-pop Artist!

Listening to: Susumu Hirasawa - Mediational Field

*I have created links for those who are new to anime and would like to learn more ^_^*

Okay...I've always liked the music from the anime Paranoia Agent. I first started watching the anime almost 4 or 5 years ago when it was on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. I thought it was the weirdest shit I had ever seen!! I didn't understand the plot one bit until the very end (in which I sobbed!!! *sigh* good anime always makes me cry). Well, a girl-friend of mine got me the soundtrack to Paranoia Agent for Christmas my junior or senior year of high-school. I didn't really pay attention to the artist on the cover and when I put it on my computer the artist's name came up in Japanese.
Still, I soaked in the loveliness (and weirdness) of the bizarre "Moby on crack" sounding techno/voice remixes. One day, while Will was over, we decided to watch a movie that I had rented from the library. It was an anime movie called Paprika. I had seen this movie's director's other animated films, Tokyo Godfathers (which I adore) and Perfect Blue (which was the first I had seen of his films). I loved them and thought that since I had introduced Will into anime with Spirited Away it was time to go one step further. Well, once the opening credits popped up and the music began I was immediately put under a trance and then I started crying. I was glad Will didn't see me (the movie hadn't even started yet!!). "This is the guy who does the music for Paranoia Agent!" I exclaimed. After the movie, which was very nice btw, I looked up the artist's name and low and behold - it was the same guy from Paranoia Agent and his name is Susumu Hirasawa. He is absolutly amazing! His music seriously takes you to another realm as crazy as that sounds - I am really moved by his stuff.

Here is a link to the Opening Credits song called "Mediational Fields" from the movie Paprika:

Here is the closing credits song to Paprika:

Here is "Dream Island Obsessional Park" the opening credits for Paranoia Agent:

And here is a live version of "Grandfatherly Wind" the ending song to Paranoia Agent:

I hope you enjoy them! <3

Old News is Good News

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So I am helping my mother clean out the old "school" room so that we can turn it into a guest room by the time I head back to Caz. While I was organizing the book shelves I came across an old issue of Time magazine. The front cover said: "Only 648 days until the election!" it had Hillary, McCain, Obama-sama, Rudy, Edwards, Romney, Biden, and Brownback on the cover. Suddenly, I became very interested in what was important on February 5, 2007...so, I decided to skim through the magazine.

William Shatner answers 10 Questions
One of the questions was: "LOST producer J.J. Abrams is working on a Star Trek movie for 2008 about a young Kirk and Spock, and there are rumors you will make an appearance." Shatner says that he talked to Abrams but that nothing was set in stone. Now I wish I had seen the movie!

Bush is in NOTEBOOK section
The Bush Administration talks about how they really are promoting Americans to go GREEN. They have asked for more solar panels, windmills and ethanol in the country. Too bad it didn't quite follow through...greedy bastards.

Time covers "Confusing Signs"
1. The ancient Hindu symbol for peace and the Nazi swastika
2. The "V" peace sign (palm turned outward and palm turned... inward :P)
3. The Confederate Flag (Prideful or racist?)
4. The Peace Sign (anti-war and anti-Christian)

Time's Verbatim (quotes of the week)
"The biggest problem is razor burn." Stormy Daniels, an actress, writer and director of XXX films, about how the new high-definition format in porno DVDs accentuates imperfections in the actors. This one just about killed me!

Miss America, 2007
Because MA2007 forgot to renew their contact with their original network they are forced to sign with CMT (Country Music Television). Hahahaha!

Spanking Bill
Cali assemblywoman tries to pass a bill that bans the spanking of children under 4 years of age. I wonder if it passed...

Denny Doherty, lead singer of the Mamas and the Papas, dies. Awwww ;_;

Time Magazine's NATION (political news)
8 Keys to the Campaign: Iraq, money, religion, write a best seller, beware the primary, recruit the new political consultants, win over the online activists and get to know the other contestants. Whew!

Time Magazine's SOCIETY (social news)
The nation's toughest prisons may be driving inmates mad - and in the process, making us less safe. DUN DA DUNNNNN!

Time Magazine's BEHAVIOR (umm, you know, behavior news)
WTF!!!??? SHEEP ARE GAY???? That's what this article claims. Most rams will have sex with other rams and leave the ladies shaking their heads in the barn corner. It got to be so bad on a few farms that this one scientist came up with a drug that apparently turned the gay rams straight. Time makes it very clear though that this drug does not work on humans...not yet. Honestly, I hope scientists have better things to do.


Back to the Blogging! California & school update and stuffies

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My stand still is over and I'm back to blogging! Weee! I think I have my class figured out for the fall semester...DM Shepard said that she would do an independent study with me called "No...But I Saw the Movie!" and we will be reading books (plays and novels) and then watching the movie versions of them and compare! I hope that it will all work out. I keep praying about it and after being at my churches convocation I have decided to practice invulnerability. To not be so upset when someone says something awful to me or if something that I want doesn't work out. I have to build the strong faith that God will take care of me :) and so far so good. I have also been thinking lately that I need to build my will power more too. The mind is a very powerful thing...it's a factory of imagination and creation. I know that if I sincerely put my thoughts in the right direction while meditating and going about my daily life I can help myself get through my troubles and overcome obstacles.

Anyway...here are some pics! We went to Encinitas the first few days of the trip. It's a little, but well known surfing town outside of San Diego and it is one of the many places that my church has a temple in California. The beach (Swami's Beach) was named after Swami Paramahansa Yogananda.

Mommy walking on Swami's Beach in Encinitas

Me at Swami's

The sunset

One of my new favorite photos :)


My Swami's Cafe smoothie! It's a vegetarian cafe near the beach. My smoothie contained kiwis, strawberries, bananas, mangos, apple and orange juice as well as a protein powder and bees wax sprinkled on top. Yummy!

a sign outside of the meditation gardens on the way to the beach :D

sign to the gardens

More to come! If not here, than definitely facebook! Love & Peace!