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So I was MIA again...I was so busy with orientation and catching up with friends and spending time with the boy <3 that I didn't have time to blog (sucessfully). I have been doing a lot stuff for my peer mentoring job (like meeting the kids 3 days ahead of time) and stressing over the fact that I am a senior *yikes!*.

A couple of cool things that made me happy these past three days:

1. Move in day: Blake Edwards speaking like a Irish-man to all of the unsuspecting freshmen and their parents. I'm sure they will see him later speaking in an American accent and wonder, "What?" That's Blake for you.

2. Blake talking in an Irish accent with a hint of gayness (sugested by Christina XD).

3. Reading Stephen King's Carrie in the new lounge area at school and being interupted about 5 or 6 times in 2 hours by faculty asking me if I liked it or not and that I was one of the first students to use it >_<

4. Jillian's reaction to Shanna giving her a lap dance! Shanna turned to me and said, "Wanna see how you can make Jillian blush?"

5. Mandi, Caroline, and Christina as suitemates...their relationship is the funniest to observe.

6. Shanna and her suitemates suite in general...it's so big!!

7. Meeting my peer mentees! Some of them were kinda shy but the others seemed like they would love to get involved in some of activities that I plan on doing with them.

8. My view from my window! I see the roof top to the coffee house and it's three chimneys *geeks out*

9. Watching TrueBlood with my lovely Smidge. It made me appreciate vampire love stories again (besides my ever so favorite Japanese magna Vampire Knight).

10. Meeting all of the great new (and old) peeps on my floor in VC!

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