My new celeb obsession

Watching : The Ballad of Jack & Rose

...and no, it's not a sequal to Titanic :P

Anyway...my 2nd day of classes was today and I'm seriously already stressed out! My job doesn't help...that's for sure. I am a peer mentor and asked to watch over 6 freshers for 3 months and make sure their transition to college is running smoothly. They really are the best kids and I couldn't be more happy to be their mentor! I just hope I do a good job! I want them to like me and have a good time this year. I also want to make sure I pay attention to their needs as well as handle my own. But like I said, I couldn't ask for better kids. My classes aren't too bad. I really like them a lot. I am also excited for the Rocky Horror Picture show! The first practice is this Saturday! Oh and one more thing before I continue with the actually topic...I am singing the national anthem this Friday at my college *eeek!!*

So I am kinda obsessed with Helena Bonham Carter at the moment. I love looking at photos of her! The structure of her facial features is so interesting and her style is frumpy and awesome! I would never wear that kind of clothing but she seems to pull it off rather nicely:

I love the ones where she is pregnant! XD she seems so...unwilling yet proud...maybe she's proud that she's unwilling? I dunno. She's the best no matter what. :) Peace!


  1. How did your singing go!? Also, I think you could pull off being her younger cousin, your hair is pretty similar.