So it has been a rough few days for me. I have been listening to to this song that has really kept me uplifted. Here it is for you:

All of their other songs are lovely too <3


Denny's Trip and the rest of my day

Today started out pretty early. I had to get up around 7:00am and meet with a Professor at 8:30am just before my first class of the day at 9:30. The meeting went very well...I handed her my paper that compared and contrasted Rosemary's Baby the book and the movie of the same title. Anywho, after that was an every-so boring class called Methods of Inquiry which is taught by a very lovely Polish woman who looks an awful lot like Meryl Streep. After that was my Literature and Culture class in which the discussion of Columbus dies rather quickly and Robinson Curusoe had taken over the syllibus. Then I went to my room for a few hours, watched Scream 2 and read more of my book: More Than Human. Than I meet with a mentee for a one-on-one and gossiped about the school.

I then went to an awesome old-friend's room to watch Kiki's Delivery Service and then went to a rather lovely new-friend's room to watch homemade ghost videos that scared the shite out of me!! >.< After that (and afraid of what was lurking behind every corner) 5 other (different) friends of mine and myself went out for a late night trip to Denny's. When we returned from said Denney's (and escaped the old, creepy guy behind us who was talking about James Bond and "dirty Bitches"...) we all realized that it was really, really raining out and we had to walk all of the way from the parking lot to our dorms (and that's far in the rain :P). So, because I thought today was such a lovely day I figured I'd not change out of my soaked clothes and I'd share it with you all through my blog. So there. <3

Love & Peace

- Gracie