Veg Head

Here is a little helpful tidbit I found about a healthy vegetarian diet. I know this summer I am trying to cut a lot stuff out of my diet (Mayo, fatty cheese, chips, soda and so on) so I figured I'd look up some tips. Here are some really good ones that I found from a favorite vegetarian website of mine:

Although many people believe the vegetarian way of eating is inherently healthy, lower-fat food choices and calorie control are important no matter how you eat.
In fact, many vegetarians have a high fat intake. Foods like eggs, cream, butter, whole milk products and cheese contain many unnecessary calories. Some vegetarian protein sources, such as nuts and seeds, are also high in fat. Despite all the hidden fat in a vegetarian diet, you can still reap the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle while trying to lose weight. These simple ideas will help you follow a vegetarian diet and lose weight:

1). If you drink milk, go for fat-free. If you use soya milk, look for one that is labelled reduced-fat and fortified, so you get the protein and essential vitamins and minerals without unnecessary fat and calories
Choose low-fat versions of cheese, and limit your intake to under five grams of fat per ounce whenever possible.
2). Make legumes, tofu and tempeh your main source of protein. All are fairly low in fat, and legumes add fibre to your diet. Nuts and seeds are excellent sources of protein, but be wary of large portion sizes. If you're eating more than a handful a day it's too much.
3). Choose fresh fruit or raw vegetables for snacks and limit snacks that are high in fat or sugar.
4). Try flavouring foods with lemon juice or flavoured vinegars instead of mayonnaise, butter or margarine.
5). As with any diet, avoid fried foods and opt for baked, grilled or steamed ones instead.
6). Try to eat only when you're hungry. Nibbling - even on low-calorie foods - can add up.
7). Be creative with low-fat vegetarian recipes.

Following a vegetarian diet can help prevent some types of cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease. Just make sure that your vegetarian menu isn’t loaded with fat and sugar if you want to maximise your health and minimise your waistline.


Cerebro? Magneto? An MST3K Post <3

So, I am working at my papa's dental office and because it is friday it's kinda slow (except for the family of six that literally just called in as I typed that XP). Sooo, I have been looking up my heroes and their lovely rifftrax and dvd releases and found some great clips on youtube as well as merchandise. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the funnies:

If you want to watch more, just look them up on Youtube! Or better yet...buy some riffs from Rifftrax.com. In other news...MST3K has a new DVD. THE SPECIAL 20TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION!!


I want it sooooo baaaddddd <3


I've just realized that learning French is harder than it looks

Okay...I will admit it, I'm not naturally smart, I'm not! I really have to work hard at every thing I do and trying to learn French again has made me see why I gave up on it the first time around. It's a lot of work for me. Luckily, my papa and sister are trying to learn it as well - but with my sister's busy young life and my papa always working I end up being the only one who has enough time to practice. I really want to do it though, honestly. I know that once I learn one language I will be able to learn others as well (with so much ease). I have a list of things I want to do before I'm 35 and some of them are:

1. Learn to speak French (fluently)
2. Go to India
3. Get my aviation license
4. Be able to say "I am an actress" when someone asks me what I do for a living
5. Work for Disney

*sigh* I know I can make all of those happen I just wish it all came easier, you know? I guess life isn't easy (but we all know that). Oh well... I am off to do some more learning!


home alone with all of the ghosts

Listening to: Poe - Haunted

So I just watched Ghost in the Shell (the movie) while eating vegan chicken patties with eggs and cheese on toast. I'm ready to have strange dreams tonight...that's all I'm saying. I actually don't quite understand all of the hullabaloo about Ghost in the Shell. I feel the anime tv show is much more entertaining and easier to understand because, well, they have a whole series explaining what the HELL a "ghost" is anyway and what the HELL the main characters are! Are they cyborgs? Obviously...but how are they able to survive being blown to pieces if they have some human parts in them still? Oh who knows...anyway, since I feel everyone should see what I'm seeing, here are the opening credits:

The music is a creep-fest but it's an amazing intro is it not?


Cassie Q and a Tim Burton Marathon

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Your Pop Star Name Is Cassie Q

You're Gonna Be a Star!

So...I'm Cassie Q! I wonder what other's pop star names are...we can create a girl band based on them :P Anyway...

My sister's and I, randomly, decided to have a Tim Burton marathon. Everyday we will watch a Tim Burton movie (in order if possible). By having this marathon I've discovered that the only Tim Burton movies that I don't have are the Batman ones. So, I had to go to the library and get all three (two of them I had to order from different libraries). So far we have watched Pee Wee's Big Adventure:


and Edward Scissorhands:

Hopefullly, I get a call from the library today telling me that I will get Batman and Batman Returns tomorrow (since we were suppose to watch Batman before Edward) but whatever. If we don't get it we are watching The Nightmare Before Christmas!