home alone with all of the ghosts

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So I just watched Ghost in the Shell (the movie) while eating vegan chicken patties with eggs and cheese on toast. I'm ready to have strange dreams tonight...that's all I'm saying. I actually don't quite understand all of the hullabaloo about Ghost in the Shell. I feel the anime tv show is much more entertaining and easier to understand because, well, they have a whole series explaining what the HELL a "ghost" is anyway and what the HELL the main characters are! Are they cyborgs? Obviously...but how are they able to survive being blown to pieces if they have some human parts in them still? Oh who knows...anyway, since I feel everyone should see what I'm seeing, here are the opening credits:

The music is a creep-fest but it's an amazing intro is it not?

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  1. Have you seen the second movie? I think it's even more confusing. They're too much for me. Actually my friend Dan asked if it was worth watching GitS:SAC and I said how you really like it. And he's like, well...is it like the movie? I responded with, "Well...it makes sense from what I've heard." That made him decide to try it.