Cassie Q and a Tim Burton Marathon

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Your Pop Star Name Is Cassie Q

You're Gonna Be a Star!

So...I'm Cassie Q! I wonder what other's pop star names are...we can create a girl band based on them :P Anyway...

My sister's and I, randomly, decided to have a Tim Burton marathon. Everyday we will watch a Tim Burton movie (in order if possible). By having this marathon I've discovered that the only Tim Burton movies that I don't have are the Batman ones. So, I had to go to the library and get all three (two of them I had to order from different libraries). So far we have watched Pee Wee's Big Adventure:


and Edward Scissorhands:

Hopefullly, I get a call from the library today telling me that I will get Batman and Batman Returns tomorrow (since we were suppose to watch Batman before Edward) but whatever. If we don't get it we are watching The Nightmare Before Christmas!


  1. Awesome idea, Gracie-lou!

    I'm envious of this little mini movie marathon, but it sounds like a spectacular time!