The Novel Tee ^o^!

Watching: NCIS

So I am leaving for New York City tonight at midnight (romantic, no?) so I have been looking at Tim Burton's MoMA website (I'm so excited!!) and looking at lookbook.nu as well as modcloth for shopping afterwards. While looking I found some great tees from modcloth that just blew my mind! First of all, check this out:

 Okay, I actually HAVE this picture as a poster hanging on my wall in my dorm room...I haven't seen this graph anywhere else! Where did I buy the poster? Oh, the bookstore of the college I went to in Canterbury, England...that's all. So neat! Then of course, I'm in love with this one just because I love the book AND the movie:

<3 <3 <3 I want this in my life! Plus, I am hoping to buy this someday before summer time!

Off to NYC! Love & Peace!

Cutie Video!

Listening to: Gin Wigmore - S.O.S

My friend Laura showed me this lovely video that she found on youtube that I would like to share with all of you! It's called "Lost Things" and it's so kawaii!!

That's all for now! Love & Peace!

Thanks again, Laura! I believe this video did change my life somewhat! hehe


Perfect Blue with Gracie-Lou!

Listening to: Buddy Holly - Cryin' Waitin' Hopin'

I just watched one of my favorite anime movies with mt friends Tianna and Beth: Perfect Blue. I first watched it with my friend Liz almost 3 years ago! It's such an amazing movie (and one of the best anime movies ever made). I have talked about it before on my blog but I don't think I've shown clips or anything...here is an AMV (anime music video) with a song by one of my favorite bands: Tegan and Sara.


The next one that we are going to watch is my favorite one by Satoshi Kon (the director of Perfect Blue) PAPRIKA!!

Paprika also has one of the best opening credits of any movie (anime or not!).

PS: I am more than just REALLY EXCITED about this!!!



Scissorhands, Black Blazers and Tea for Two

Listening to: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - The Sweets

Spring Break officially starts tomorrow at 12:30pm! whooohoo! I am going to live it up by watching NCIS like it's nobody's business and drink tea til the cows come home! So excited! (oh yeah...and work on senior project...)

The play is finally over and I am very depressed. I miss seeing my theatre friends every night :( I ate lunch with my friend Jill (who directed the play) and she said that after looking at the pictures of the play on facebook, she had to go take a long walk by herself around town. I told her that that's a good way to relieve heartache...I just cry hysterically until there's nothing left.

(That's me in the green dress as Peg Boggs)

So, recently I have been dying to buy new clothes...but it just feels like everything is so freakin expensive, especially the new product that I've been drooling over: The Black Blazer.


I want one sooooo gooooood.
I am trying to build my wardrobe to what I want it to be like, you know, for reals. I don't like to wear skirts or dresses on a regular basis...I just don't. But with the right shoes, skinny jeans and jacket I think I can make my ideal style work. :)

My friend Shanna showed me this today and had me wishing I had went to Salt Lake City for college :P

It looks so amazing! We need something like that in Central New York!

Here are some pictures from The Rockstar Diaries blog:

(I want this is my life!)

It reminds me of a place called Boho in Canterbury, England that the girls and I used to go to practically everyday. I miss it so ;-(