The Novel Tee ^o^!

Watching: NCIS

So I am leaving for New York City tonight at midnight (romantic, no?) so I have been looking at Tim Burton's MoMA website (I'm so excited!!) and looking at lookbook.nu as well as modcloth for shopping afterwards. While looking I found some great tees from modcloth that just blew my mind! First of all, check this out:

 Okay, I actually HAVE this picture as a poster hanging on my wall in my dorm room...I haven't seen this graph anywhere else! Where did I buy the poster? Oh, the bookstore of the college I went to in Canterbury, England...that's all. So neat! Then of course, I'm in love with this one just because I love the book AND the movie:

<3 <3 <3 I want this in my life! Plus, I am hoping to buy this someday before summer time!

Off to NYC! Love & Peace!


  1. Same here! I adore the classic feminine chic bathing suit of the early 20th century the best! I wish they were a bit lower in price though...

    I hope you enjoy his exhibition, love!