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Just looking at some female, singer/songwriters and poets that are inspiring to me. Their style, and their feminist qualities in their music and poetry and their struggle to become better people...without being cliche (I could mention some contemporary artists but I won't). Since men and other human relationships are what inspire me in my poetry, I appreciate others who do the same. Here are a few:

The Classic: Sylvia Plath

"Out of the ash I rise with my red hair. And I eat men like air."
Poem: Lady Lazarus

The Hippie: Kimya Dawson

"...I just wanted to prove wrong the people in my head."

The Desperate Housewife: Anne Sexton

"Like two dolls in a museum case, never bothered by diapers or dust..."  
Poem: Cinderella

The Angry Beauty: Kate Nash

"I'd rather be with your friends, mate, 'cause they are much fitter."

The Twin Sisters: Tegan and Sara

"Make a map of what you see, direct pain effectively..."

The Basket Cases: CocoRosie

 "Like an empty restaurant filled with perfume and balloons, I sit and entertain the bizarre guests of my soul..."
Song: Animals

The Foreigner: Bjork

"I'm a fountain of blood in the shape of a girl..."

The Hot Mess: Courtney Love

"I'm overrated, desecrated, still somehow illuminated..."


Ohai I'm back and stuff! and that's not an April Fools joke...

Listening to Lykke Li - Love Out of Lust

Ohai! So you may know me as "Gracie" the friend/sister/cousin/daughter/grand-daughter/niece who used to have a blog but she discontinued it because, well, she honestly didn't think anyone cared anymore. And why would you? My life has been pretty much the same thing everyday...no really...the same thing. Although my life at Walt Disney World is quite an adventurous one filled with Magic, Memories and Meanies (;P) the experiences that I have with guests or friends and co-workers has been the same thing (or if something new does happen, it's not very interesting to someone else who doesn't even know these people). So. that's why I gave up on my blog. There was nothing I couldn't tell anyone that facebook couldn't let them know with 50 words or less.


I leave Disney May 10th. Three days early. I'll probably be taking a Jet Blue flight outta the Sunshine State with my grandparents sitting on either side of me, arm in arm, and family friend Mr. Kahrs flying said Jet Blue plane with emotional jazz music, most likely sung by Edith Piaf or Eartha Kitt, playing in the background (in an ideal movie-like world). I will then be back home, sun kissed and salty nosed from the sweat and suntan lotion; a year without real snow in my life (I say real because I certainly got my fair share of soapy, magic Disney snow for almost 2 months). Everyone will want to know how it went and I will tell them what everyone else has told their friends and family, "It was amazing! I met some of the most amazing people ever! I have friends all over the world now! It had its tough moments but I grew a lot from it and miss the experience already! I suggest this program to everyone who loves Disney!" All of that will be true. So true. However, at the same time I will be glad that this chapter in my life will be over. As singer/songwriter Kimya Dawson said "If I stay in one place I lose my mind." That's exactly how I am. To some that might seem very ADD, and maybe it is, but that's how I am. I need to travel, I need to meet new people all of the time, I need to explore, I need to be creative and I need to learn and learn and learn some more.

Moving to New York City and attending the Stella Adler Studio of Acting will be amazing. It will be tough, dangerous, fun and new. I am excited to for this new chapter! Living with Mikey and possibly Tony will be so much fun! It will be a great living experience! I am also making some new food choices in my life:

This is the first time I am officially announcing it (not that it's a big deal or anything...but I'm pretty excited about it :D) but I am attempting to become a vegan. I grew up being a vegetarian my whole life (not once having meat everrr). Recently though, I have been seeing a lot of articles in magazines about veganism quite possibly due to the fact that recent Oscar winner and soon-to-be Mommy, Natalie Portman, is a vegan. I figured it would be a lovely food adventure! I was never one to cook...in fact I hate cooking...but have I ever tried it? Well, not really...so I can't really hate something that I've never really tried. I disapprove that I'm like that. So, I figured that by being vegan, it will help me learn how to cook and experiment with food which is something that I would really like to learn. I also want to be healthier. Because I don't eat meat, I rely on dairy for the fat cravings that Americans so stupidly have for some reason. That's not good. By giving up dairy, I will be eating healthier and making better food choices when I go out to eat. That's something that I'm okay with. One thing that always bothered me about people was that whenever I told them that I was vegetarian they would look at me and say "I love meat, I would never be able to give it up," instead of saying "I could give up meat, but I chose not to." To me, that just sounds like they are belittling themselves. Of course you can give it up! Your will power is stronger than that! You just don't want to! And that's okay too! :) I used to say that about dairy, "I could never be vegan. I love cheese and milk too much." I don't want food to rule me like that. So, by becoming vegan, I am also testing my will power :)

Whoa...yeah, I am done talking now. I am glad to be back guys! Love and Peace! <3

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