Update Retard

Hey! It's been awhile...sorry about that! So where do I begin?

Oh yes, well I'm back at school! Yay! So far I have had (tech.) three days of classes since I don't have class Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am taking Sociology, British Literature II, Advance Expository Writing and Myth and the Modern Mind as well as my Independant Study with Roxy (Research in the Performing Arts). I have a lovely gentleman at my side now; William. ^o^ we have so much fun together! He asked me to be his girlfriend last week in a very old-school kind of way that just made my heart melt! He made a card and wrote: Will You Be Mt Girlfriend? on the inside with three check boxes that said Yes, Maybe, and No. I of course chose YES! ^_^

So far my classes have been good to me...enough homework to make me stressful but not enough to make me freak out entirely. I'm frantically trying to be a stereotypical English Major by sinking into my books as deep as possible and studying my lines like a loyal Thespian. My sociology class on the other hand could use some work. I haven't taken a "social science" class in awhile and the pop quiz that we had today was a bit confusing. Well, actually it wasn't confusing at all but because I am so used to picking questions apart and writing thorough answers I took the ONE question that we had on the pop quiz and made it WAY more difficult than it needed to be. The question was about Karl Marx and we needed to write on what he believed in. I was like, Oh okay! and I continued to write about Marxist and his views on communism...when apparently we were supposed to just write that he believed in "Social Class"...uhhhhhhh....okayyyyyy? I couldn't believe it. That's what I get for being a Junior in an Intro class!

Anyway...I have to write a paper on my travels to England for my writing class that's due Wednesday...probably should get on that...


Out of all the things I had on my TO DO list, fire-eating wasn't one of them


Okayyyy, so I watched Chinatown and Junebug. Let me say...THANK YOU GOD! I was so disappointed with the first two movies that it was a RELIEF to watch these two fab movies. Chinatown, starring the older Joker, takes place in the 1940's and involves guns, detectives, and Faye Dunaway. I wish I could go more into it but what else can I say? It was a really, really good movie and I would spoil it if I told you any more! The script was perfect and the acting was decent. Go out and buy it or rent it or something. Now Junebug...I have to admit, I had mixed feelings about the ending but everything else was pretty spectacular. Amy Adams and that lady from Matilda who played Miss Honey were excellent in their parts. The friendship that they shared as characters was almost like a "love affair" but in a respectable way - as two women with very different lives. That was the theme of the whole movie though, love affairs of all kinds and finding your place in the world. I enjoyed it throughly.

So, wondering where I got my Title from? Apparently it was a quote by Sanjay Gupta. Here's what going on with him:

Hmmm. That's all for now!


States of Gay Cowboys

Love you, Cowboy

Okay, sooooo I watched two of the movies that I had borrowed from the Bville Library: Brokeback Mountain and Altered States. Hmmmm, it was a pretty interesting few days. I sat in my room and watched the first half of Brokeback...utterly disturbed and bored (is that even possible?). I have nothing against gay people, honestly, they can do whatever they want, but there was something weird between Heath and Jake...I can't really explain what it was...Anyway, I gave the movie another day before I decided to try watching it again. It got better...Anne Hathaway appeared as the rowdy wife of the late Donnie Darko and did a fabulous job. Same with Michelle Williams, she was good, she was real, I believed every emotion she portrayed in that movie...but the cowboys, not so much. I think the only reason why people THOUGHT it was a good movie was because two manly men had the guts to kiss each other on screen, and to be honest, they weren't even doing it that well...I don't know...do guys usually kiss each other with such awkward force? Possibly...maybe.

The first gift of Christmas...uh...REALITY!!!

The next movie I watched was called Altered States. It stars William Hurt in his film debut, which I thought was pretty rad since I grew up listening to him read me The Polar Express on a cassette tape. If you haven't seen it or even heard of it, it's pretty much about this professor who tries all of these weirdo experiements to prove that the imagination can be just as real as the "reality" that we live in. It sounded pretty sweet, so I watched it. I liked the first half...but then by the end it started freaking me out. There is something about 70's special effects, they were GOOD back then and looked REAL, at least, in my eyes. Anyway, it got crazy towards the end and I had to eventually watch Lord of the Rings to get my mind off of it.

That's all for now - it's time to eat breakfast for dinner! <3


Updates - Happy Birthday, Yogananda!


Tomorrow is the birthday of Paramahansa Yogananda! Meditate hard and deep on his presence.

I have updated a few things to my profile:

1. At the bottom of my page I've added a poem that I have recently written!
2. I've added the Amazon.com search engine to my page (you never know when you'll need it!)
3. I have the blogs that I follow on here as well! Yay!

I made it to the Bville library 15mins before it closed! I was able to get 7 movies (one for each day!)
- Brokeback Mountain
- Junebug
- Persepolis
- Chinatown
- Altered States
- Beckett
- Once

I haven't seen any of these yet so I'll keep you guys updated on how these movies made me feel :)

I got another chapter of my new Yuffietine up. I'm okay with it...I want to make it more interesting though...

sorry this is a short update but I'm baby sitting right now! <3


Happy (late) New Year! ^^

(this post was meant to be published January 2nd, 2009)


New Years was pretty fab if I do say so myself. I went to my very good friend's house/apartment for a party with my family. Her mom made their own NYC ball that dropped from a very high pole to the top of their garage! It was sweet! They had a bunch of great food and music playing so that was very cool! It was so nice to see my friends - hopefully SaraLee and I can go snow shoeing before I head back to school.

I love this girl!

what a fine place to live! <3

So, I woke up at 1pm today! ^^;; I know...William called me a bum...and it's true. I meditated, ate breakfast and read until my friend Ashalee called, then suddenly, it was 6pm! Time for dinner! Oh my...

Papa and I are going to go skiing tomorrow on the land and then I'm off to the library to get some movies and such. Hopefully I can find something that I haven't seen yet. If they have the movie Casshern, then they should have anything ;-)