Happy (late) New Year! ^^

(this post was meant to be published January 2nd, 2009)


New Years was pretty fab if I do say so myself. I went to my very good friend's house/apartment for a party with my family. Her mom made their own NYC ball that dropped from a very high pole to the top of their garage! It was sweet! They had a bunch of great food and music playing so that was very cool! It was so nice to see my friends - hopefully SaraLee and I can go snow shoeing before I head back to school.

I love this girl!

what a fine place to live! <3

So, I woke up at 1pm today! ^^;; I know...William called me a bum...and it's true. I meditated, ate breakfast and read until my friend Ashalee called, then suddenly, it was 6pm! Time for dinner! Oh my...

Papa and I are going to go skiing tomorrow on the land and then I'm off to the library to get some movies and such. Hopefully I can find something that I haven't seen yet. If they have the movie Casshern, then they should have anything ;-)


  1. That's true, Casshern isn't exactly a popular title. I'm glade you had a good new year!!! Being restful isn't a bad way to start a year.

  2. The photo of the room is really pretty! I love the color and lighting! <3

    I wish I could meditate and go through the world like you, Gracie-lou.

    Glad you had a good New Years!