Update Retard

Hey! It's been awhile...sorry about that! So where do I begin?

Oh yes, well I'm back at school! Yay! So far I have had (tech.) three days of classes since I don't have class Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am taking Sociology, British Literature II, Advance Expository Writing and Myth and the Modern Mind as well as my Independant Study with Roxy (Research in the Performing Arts). I have a lovely gentleman at my side now; William. ^o^ we have so much fun together! He asked me to be his girlfriend last week in a very old-school kind of way that just made my heart melt! He made a card and wrote: Will You Be Mt Girlfriend? on the inside with three check boxes that said Yes, Maybe, and No. I of course chose YES! ^_^

So far my classes have been good to me...enough homework to make me stressful but not enough to make me freak out entirely. I'm frantically trying to be a stereotypical English Major by sinking into my books as deep as possible and studying my lines like a loyal Thespian. My sociology class on the other hand could use some work. I haven't taken a "social science" class in awhile and the pop quiz that we had today was a bit confusing. Well, actually it wasn't confusing at all but because I am so used to picking questions apart and writing thorough answers I took the ONE question that we had on the pop quiz and made it WAY more difficult than it needed to be. The question was about Karl Marx and we needed to write on what he believed in. I was like, Oh okay! and I continued to write about Marxist and his views on communism...when apparently we were supposed to just write that he believed in "Social Class"...uhhhhhhh....okayyyyyy? I couldn't believe it. That's what I get for being a Junior in an Intro class!

Anyway...I have to write a paper on my travels to England for my writing class that's due Wednesday...probably should get on that...

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  1. I know what you mean about over answering. I'm taking two intro classes at City College and am having a hard time with that. I'm use to having lots more work for classes.