House Keeping

Soooo I'm still jobless and let me tell you...it stinks. Fighting the snobby highschool, bubblegum poppers, Holester wearing kiddos for a position at Kinneys is just plain sad. That's life...oh well. Tomorrow I'll be applying for a job for the annual Cazenovia College phoneathon and hopefully I'll be hired to call up Alumni and ask for monies! No one else will hire me...maybe my own school will? Just maybe... :P

Anywho...Lost was pretty sweet tonight I had no idea Jin was still alive! Holy Crap! My roomie called it, good for her! The amazing episode of Lost was followed by various forms of innapropriate touching and text messages about us being too "vocal" good times, good times. I am now over at Will's place listening to his Brooklyn roomies rap and freak out over the awesomeness of the rap song as Will gets clean. It's quite amusing. They got so excited about their music that when they left the room without saying goodbye and locked the door...3...2...1...OH MY GOD WE FORGOT YOU WERE IN HERE! Yeah yeah yeah! I love Will's friends.

So my very good friend Skottie left Caz today. He's having some issues with people and felt that the best thing for him to do was drop out. I understand that if he feels that this is what's best for him then he should go for it.

Okay, William is back and now we are going to watch Seven Pounds. I'm excited but I'm def gonna cry DX at least Will said that he'd cry with me (yay for sensitive boyfriends!) Okay, I'm off. Love and Peace!

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  1. We just watched Lost too. Well steve did and I ate chinese. Love and Peace for shizzle!