Where Have I Been?

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So, I've decided that I fail at blogging. I find that there are so many other important things for me to do...which isn't really that sad but still, I find blogging a release, you know?

Anyway, not much has actually happened since I've been here! I have been swamped with classes and being sick hasn't helped. I know I caught it from Will, even though he said it was just "alergies" pffff! yeah yeah yeah. PS: I know I have never written so many papers at once in my whole life. I end up getting confused and sometimes switch the topics around! "Though one cannot help the failing economy, mermaids are probably the most overused myth in history." wait...what!? UGGGGG! I'm loving my Independent Study with Roxy, but I cannot seem to get into it. It doesn't help that the paper isn't due until the begining of May. I absolutely love the topic (Religious Awe in Theater) but I have so much on my plate that's due before that that I just...well...forget. Thank goodness for posty notes.

Back to being sick, I don't have any meds for the daytime so I figured I'd take a risk and take two tabs of Benadryl today (antihistamine, people). Let's just say that was a very interesting experience. Apparently, I was delusional. I kept thinking that my sociology professor was saying the same sentence over and over again but really she said it once and everytime I heard her voice that same sentences would pop into my mind again. Freaky, I know. After that, I walked to my next class and fell asleep at the desk. Suddenly, I felt a tapping on my head. My friend Kari, who was sitting next to me was trying to wake me up for class. Everyone was looking at me...I actually found it quite funny, but I will never do it again.

So I just finished Frank Herbert's DUNE and I liked it but maybe that's because it was A LOT like Star Wars. The ending was a bit anticlimatic and the ending quote was powerful but irrelevant. I have mixed feelings toward DUNE I guess...but over all, I liked it. Next: The King of Elfland's Daughter!

Love and Peace!

PPS: I'm lovin the clothes in the uppper right hand corner!!

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  1. You are a funny one! I took non-daytime medicine when I was sick once and when I was on the train i kept thinking that my eyes were still open even when they were shut because I could see everything around me still in my mind's eye. Except the old chinese lady sitting next to me kept staring up at me creepily. Only when I opened my eyes I saw that she wasn't even looking in my direction. It was messed up!