States of Gay Cowboys

Love you, Cowboy

Okay, sooooo I watched two of the movies that I had borrowed from the Bville Library: Brokeback Mountain and Altered States. Hmmmm, it was a pretty interesting few days. I sat in my room and watched the first half of Brokeback...utterly disturbed and bored (is that even possible?). I have nothing against gay people, honestly, they can do whatever they want, but there was something weird between Heath and Jake...I can't really explain what it was...Anyway, I gave the movie another day before I decided to try watching it again. It got better...Anne Hathaway appeared as the rowdy wife of the late Donnie Darko and did a fabulous job. Same with Michelle Williams, she was good, she was real, I believed every emotion she portrayed in that movie...but the cowboys, not so much. I think the only reason why people THOUGHT it was a good movie was because two manly men had the guts to kiss each other on screen, and to be honest, they weren't even doing it that well...I don't know...do guys usually kiss each other with such awkward force? Possibly...maybe.

The first gift of Christmas...uh...REALITY!!!

The next movie I watched was called Altered States. It stars William Hurt in his film debut, which I thought was pretty rad since I grew up listening to him read me The Polar Express on a cassette tape. If you haven't seen it or even heard of it, it's pretty much about this professor who tries all of these weirdo experiements to prove that the imagination can be just as real as the "reality" that we live in. It sounded pretty sweet, so I watched it. I liked the first half...but then by the end it started freaking me out. There is something about 70's special effects, they were GOOD back then and looked REAL, at least, in my eyes. Anyway, it got crazy towards the end and I had to eventually watch Lord of the Rings to get my mind off of it.

That's all for now - it's time to eat breakfast for dinner! <3

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