Out of all the things I had on my TO DO list, fire-eating wasn't one of them


Okayyyy, so I watched Chinatown and Junebug. Let me say...THANK YOU GOD! I was so disappointed with the first two movies that it was a RELIEF to watch these two fab movies. Chinatown, starring the older Joker, takes place in the 1940's and involves guns, detectives, and Faye Dunaway. I wish I could go more into it but what else can I say? It was a really, really good movie and I would spoil it if I told you any more! The script was perfect and the acting was decent. Go out and buy it or rent it or something. Now Junebug...I have to admit, I had mixed feelings about the ending but everything else was pretty spectacular. Amy Adams and that lady from Matilda who played Miss Honey were excellent in their parts. The friendship that they shared as characters was almost like a "love affair" but in a respectable way - as two women with very different lives. That was the theme of the whole movie though, love affairs of all kinds and finding your place in the world. I enjoyed it throughly.

So, wondering where I got my Title from? Apparently it was a quote by Sanjay Gupta. Here's what going on with him:

Hmmm. That's all for now!


  1. Interesting! I like your mini reviews, they are fun to read and make me want to netflicks stuff ^__^.

  2. I watched the Daily Show last night where I heard about it!