My New (and old?) Favorite Japanese Electro-pop Artist!

Listening to: Susumu Hirasawa - Mediational Field

*I have created links for those who are new to anime and would like to learn more ^_^*

Okay...I've always liked the music from the anime Paranoia Agent. I first started watching the anime almost 4 or 5 years ago when it was on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. I thought it was the weirdest shit I had ever seen!! I didn't understand the plot one bit until the very end (in which I sobbed!!! *sigh* good anime always makes me cry). Well, a girl-friend of mine got me the soundtrack to Paranoia Agent for Christmas my junior or senior year of high-school. I didn't really pay attention to the artist on the cover and when I put it on my computer the artist's name came up in Japanese.
Still, I soaked in the loveliness (and weirdness) of the bizarre "Moby on crack" sounding techno/voice remixes. One day, while Will was over, we decided to watch a movie that I had rented from the library. It was an anime movie called Paprika. I had seen this movie's director's other animated films, Tokyo Godfathers (which I adore) and Perfect Blue (which was the first I had seen of his films). I loved them and thought that since I had introduced Will into anime with Spirited Away it was time to go one step further. Well, once the opening credits popped up and the music began I was immediately put under a trance and then I started crying. I was glad Will didn't see me (the movie hadn't even started yet!!). "This is the guy who does the music for Paranoia Agent!" I exclaimed. After the movie, which was very nice btw, I looked up the artist's name and low and behold - it was the same guy from Paranoia Agent and his name is Susumu Hirasawa. He is absolutly amazing! His music seriously takes you to another realm as crazy as that sounds - I am really moved by his stuff.

Here is a link to the Opening Credits song called "Mediational Fields" from the movie Paprika:

Here is the closing credits song to Paprika:

Here is "Dream Island Obsessional Park" the opening credits for Paranoia Agent:

And here is a live version of "Grandfatherly Wind" the ending song to Paranoia Agent:

I hope you enjoy them! <3

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  1. I have been listening to "Girl in Byakoya" every morning for the past like four weeks before starting work. It puts me in a place where I'm less likely to snap at the amount of work I'm doing ^___^;