A Little Sugar to Help the Medicine Go Down

Watching - News Hour on PBS

"Nothing makes sense anymore"...that's what India told me today during dinner. I responded with: "You're walking along, minding your own business and start to think life is going great, a little too great and then you start to wonder...when is karma going to catch up with me? and then WHAM! POW! Karma smacks you in the face like the bully it is!" The recent tragedy in Haiti and other social drama (crazy stuff that almost literally blew my mind away...) were talked about over dinner tonight. It was a little depressing and a lot of weeeiirrrddd but most certainly awakening. To all of the emo kids with lives that aren't as bad as they might think or even hope they are, watch the friggin' news or better yet, look at the poor souls around you and grow up. Be as happy as you can be, be as kind as you can be, live, laugh and love (even your enemies). Life's a weeee bit too short for ignorance. Okay, now that I've ranted...here's some old time sugar that me and my sister laugh XD Love & Peace.

Happy Birthday, Shanna! Je T'aime!


  1. How nice of you to stop by at my blog and leave a comment. What a lovely place you've got here!

    /♥ Annelie

  2. Thanks so much! I have to translate your blog on google but it is worth it! It's very nice! :)

  3. I read a couple of articles about the earthquake in Haiti and saw numerous photos which is saddening.

    I want to find a reliable website/sponsor who is acutally taking donations to help those homeless, injured, and affected by it. And making sure it's legit!

    I miss you, love!
    And excited to read your blog again!

  4. The American Red Cross Internation Response Fund would probably be the most reliable! I miss you too, Mama Caroline! :D