<33 Feeling Cosy <33

Watching - Mom's NCIS DVDs

So because my family has a life and I don't (well, while I'm on break at least...) I've been living on esty and mod.cloth all...day...long. I found some amazing stuff on mod.cloth (always) but even more lovely things on etsy - mostly various tea cosies by this one artist named Melsey!!! Here's some eye candy cosies for you (^o^):

Cosy in Red

Cosy in Blue

Cupcake Cosy

Purple Cosy

Aren't they just darling!?

Then there is this one which is a little too...uh...I guess "flowery" for me but that doesn't mean I don't think it's a work of tea cosy art!

Kawaii! Mignonne! ^o^