I Hate Mondays (But I Love You)! take 2

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So I have been really busy this winters break doing what any college student does: Sleeping, reading, working and watching movies (not always in that particular order, however). I decided to come back to the world of blogging and up date you on things that I love :)

1. Courtney Love's old band, Hole. I got their CD "Live Through This" for Christmas after only hearing their last CD "Celebrity Skin" for 7 years since I first bought it. Finally, at 21 I decided to try out their other CDs, and so far, I love them. Hole is like the only angst music I listen to and get this, sometimes I put Hole on to fall asleep during long car rides. "Live Through This" is mostly about girls and their body image which is a topic that never seems to go away in the female world. So, If you're looking for 90's rock with girl-power (or pain) Hole is my love. Here's my favorite song from "Live Through This":

2. Slyvia Plath's Unabridged Journals.

I cannot tell you how much I love this woman. I was crying last night while reading her journal entries from college (and all she was describing was how much her friend "Mary" meant to her)! Her poems, her life, her death are all tragically beautiful. If you've never read Sylvia Plath then I suggest you do. <3

3. NCIS on CBS!

NEW OBSESSION! This show is way better than ANY other Criminal Investigation show on cable. It has such rich characters and the cast work so well together! Love Love Love!

4. Sarah Lawrence in Yonkers, New York.

My dream school. I want to go here more than life. Let me just list a few of the amazing perks this graduate (and under grad) school has to offer: A Tea House right on campus (money is used for scholarships for in coming students), a playground (yes, this COLLEGE has its own playground), Shanna would love this one...they have a "sitting" room filled with huge pillows, bean-bag chairs and regular chairs as well. They have a Griffin as their mascot (how cool is that!?), 3 theatres (including an "experimental theatre"), insane connections to New York and other cities rich with theatre and they have the sweetest staff ever. WANT.

5. Reese's Peanut Butter BIG Cups

I know they've been out for awhile...but it's still one of the best inventions since...ever.

My favorite movie, book and song of the month is up! Check it out!

- Gracie

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  1. oooooooh!!!! I can't wait for you to get in so I can visit!!!! <3 <3