just a little update...I hate mondays (but love you!).

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Today was a pleasent first day back from Tofurkey break. The cafe food wasn't totally horrible, I randomly got paid $20, I talked a lot in class and I found out that writing my 15 page paper beofre next Tuesday may not be as hard as it sounds. Michael came in my room and made me hot cocoa and I treated myself to some lovely nail polish that was on sale. So far, so good.

Just thought I would start something new...I thought that maybe, to keep up with my blog, things that I find lovely. I know a lot of other bloggers do this and that it's nothing original, but it will be a good way for me to not leave my blog behind months at a time :P so, I will begin my new posts entitled: I Hate Mondays (but I Love You!).

1. Raf TMNT beanie! sold at Hott Topic. I haven't shopped here in, like, 2 years. Hott Topic is finally coming out with cool stuff again!

2. "Look if you didnt have that guy you'd be fucking done allright?"

3. My new favorite holiday tea!

4. Tim Burton's art at MoMA <3

5. A most lovely graphic novel!

BONUS # 6:

from my lovely friend, Shanna:

That's all I have for now! Love and Peace!

- Gracie

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