In The Company of Wolves (& other updates)

So, the other night before Thanksgiving break started, somehow the subject of werewolves came up between me, Blake, Laura, Sarah and George. We just happened to be talking in Laura's room and then Twilight's sequal, New Moon, came up - then we discussed how the werewolves in New Moon weren't really werewolves...except they kind of were because that's how the first werewolves started in the original lore and the whole "bitten by a werewolf" thing came later and...well...it got complicated but fun to talk about. So, because of this discussion it got us all in the mood to watch what we thought were the BEST werewolf transformations. Here are the videos that we watched:

Neat yes? In other news...I have put links on my favorite movie/book/song of the month. So, if you are interested in learning more about what I think is cool this month you can check it out! yay! Sorry I haven't updated in awhile *BOOOOO* but I have been busy with school work :P

Happy Tofurkey Day!

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