Nice Work, Bone Daddy - My Life in Halloweens

Watching: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Happy Halloween-a-ween!

I have noticed that most of my Halloweens (Halloween being my 2nd favorite holiday) have been different since I went to college:

1.) From high-school up until Freshman year of college I had been trick-or-treating with my sisters, cousins and THEIR friends (because mine in high-school were apparently too cool to get free candy...what what? :P) In those days I was a Bunny (age 3), Dorothy (various years), a Werewolf (age 10), Kagome from Inu-Yasha (age 16), and a random snake monster guy...(age 12) and a Witch (one of those years), Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas...and a bunch of other things that I can't remember :P

2.) Freshman year of college I trick-or-treated as Groucho Marx but it was kind of lame for various reasons...one being that students from the neighboring high-school would play pranks on the college students and vice-versa. That's when I decided that trick-or-treating was done for me.

3.) Sophomore year of college I worked as a Resident Adviser and always worked on Wednesdays. Well, Halloween was on a Wednesday that night...I will never forget. That was the first time in my whole life that I was not able to celebrate Halloween ON Halloween night. Still, I dressed up as the Bride of Frankenstein, and I handed out candy at my desk and I dealt with puking freshmen. That night I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Creature from the Black Lagoon with my then boy-friend who came to visit me that night.


4.) Junior year of college I was studying in England for a few months and we celebrated Halloween in good 'ol Canterbury, England. My costume was last minute but clever...I was a Zombie British school-girl. We pre-gamed at our apartments then we walked to the Jolly Sailor pub and drank snake bites, ate candy and danced on tables. That was a great Halloween fo sho ;)

5.) Senior year of college was AMAZING. My good friend, Kate, came to visit for a whole week and we watched scary movies to the point of a snuggle fest every night for fear of being stabbed to death by psycho, goblin Asians with needles... O_o and other scary things... Did I mention that we slept with my Halloween lights on all night too? We also performed The Rocky Horror Show at my college (I played Janet Weiss) and on Halloween night we went to Albert's to sing and dance karaoke. I was dressed as Stephen King's Carrie.

6.) My sister India and I were able to dress up and go to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom and trick-or-treat, eat junk food, scare small children and watch the fireworks, parade and skanky Villians Show. That was an amazing bonding moment for me and my sister that we both will never forget. Now this year for Halloween I will be working again but at least I will be at the Magic Kingdom working the Halloween parades. It will be interesting because I will be seeing all kinds of amazing costumes! yay! and who knows what could happen the whole night...having a different Halloween every year is important I think...if you keep it the same then you'll get bored with it. So, I am glad mine have been different these past few years. Oh yes...and I was a werewolf ;)


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