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  Hey guys sorry about my update fail :/ I have been busy with work, studying and socializing with my new friends! Speaking of new friends...here is my friend Janice's blog! (Year Of Adventure). Janice has amazing narration and really funny stories! Enjoy!

So I have a lot to cover in the past few...uh....weeks.

First of all I broke my camera :( I was at a club and some how it got smashed...so now I have nothing. Luckily my roomies are generous and they let me borrow their cameras when I go on my little adventures by myself.

Just recently we found a few little buggy-like critters in our apartment at Vista Way. A few weeks ago I found one little flea on my foot. I tried to catch it and drown it...but to no avail. I figured a flea was kinda important to talk about so I let my roomies know that I had found one. Kare was hilarious...

"But I thought fleas were only on animals...we don't have animals," she said.

"Well, fleas don't just hang out on animals," I had said. "They bite humans too."

Kare's eyes widened with disbelief, "They BITE????"

We then got into a huge discussion on what fleas are capable of and just how nasty they are. Kare hyperventilated.  So that was the flea incident (oh and we never found another one after that...) and there was also the cockroach.

Now, I wasn't here for the this one but I believe this is how it went down: Last week Kellie and Kare were sitting in the living room when they saw a huge black...thing...crawling around in the kitchen. Kellie yelp and Kare kept yelling "Kill it! Kill it!" but the cockroach got away. Kare was so afraid that the little guy would come back (and with friends) that she ran to the store and bought Roach Killer. After spraying the whole kitchen as well as outside our door, Kare asked if it would actually kill the roach. Bis and I looked at the picture advertised on the Roach Killer can:

 "That bug on the can looks dead..." I said. "I think it will kill them."

Oh yes, and I told you that Kare also sprayed outside, yes? well, Florida is infested with Love Bugs humping each other all over the place and after she had sprayed and we opened our front door *Psycho Music* :O DEAD LOVE BUGS EVERYWHERE!!! It was a good 'ol graveyard outside our front door. "I feel like I have to say a prayer every time I walk out here," Kare said.

More adventures soon, guys! Love and Peace!

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