FCKH8 & Planet Smoothie = LOVE

Watching: Kellie and Sean Play Mario Race Car

 Here's a little video that my friend Shanna posted on another one of our friend's facebook:


I'm so in love with it! Pass it on to your friends if you agree!


In other news...the roomies and I have a place we call heaven here in Orlando. It's called Planet Smoothie and it is absolutely amazing! They have the best smoothies ever created. Not too watery and not too thick either. Not only are they full of yummy goodness (whether you are in the mood for something healthy or something calorie-filled) but they also have special "powder" thrown into the mix. This powder can be fiber blast or fat burner or an energy blast or even an immunity blast!! No matter how you are feeling that day you can get a powder blast that can help you through the day. The smoothies also have awesome names such as Yo' Adriane!, Werewolf, Java the Nut, Razmanian Devil, Frozen Goat, Thelma & Louise and Screamsicle. My favorite? The Lunar Lemonade with a fat burner blast. <3 mmmmm!

Love & Peace!

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