Parade Control & Turnstiles!

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Sooooo yesterday at work was somewhat hilarious....well, it is now at least. I wasn't feeling too great yesterday for reasons not unknown to me (girly stuff ya know). So I was prepared for it and also prepared for any situations that would happen while in WDW (or so I thought).

Okay, to start...I have 2 costumes. One is for turnstiles at the front gate of the MK and that costume is a large, striped shirt with orange, pink and light blue in it and it comes with light blue...shorts? I guess you can call them shorts. Then there is the parade control uniform or "PAC" as we call it. The PAC uniform consists of a pair of navy blue pants and vest and a white short sleeve shirt with a weird little dog-eared tie in front. Well, there are some days when you are working both jobs in the same day. I had heard different ways on what to do: wear one outfit and then change later, wear one outfit the whole day, wear the outfit that fits the job you work the most hours in that day but make sure you wear the navy one for the nighttime parades...yadda yadda yadda!!

So, I went with my instinct and I wore the light blue striped one and brought the navy blue one with me. After the turnstiles (which I'm still surprised people still don't know how to use) I went to my coordinator and asked when she wanted me to change. "The events that followed are kind of a blur to me...she began to explain something like..."you should have just worn your PAC outfit/why didn't you know that? and work at the exit right now and I will type in a task for you then that will give you time to change and if you are late to the PAC meeting I will know where you are." I was really, very confused. Task? What? I began to ask her what that meant (I just wanted to do the right thing) and she said the exact same thing...but slower...like I was stupid!! :-/ whatever...so I just did what she asked me and left to change when I found it appropriate. I was a little late for the PAC meeting but was able to get there in time for my assignment: "Castle 1".
      The "Castle 1" assignment means that my position was right in front of Cinderella's Castle and all I really had to do was play "Mickey Says" (Simon) with the kids until it was time to get ready for the parade. Suddenly, it started to DOWN POUR. It was awful because I did not have a poncho! I kept a positive attitude and tried to let guests know that we will have an announcement whether or not the parade would continue. Finally, the announcement came on throughout the park and all it said was that the parade had been "delayed" ! I was shocked! And then it started to thunder and lightening...still, the parade was just "delayed". Finally, about 30 minutes later...the parade (which was an electric light parade) was finally canceled. I was soaked to the bone and shivering. I already had a cold...so that was unfortunate. I worked the exit until I was allowed to leave and I was so happy that I had packed a change of clothes...except my underwear was wet...so I had the most attractive marks on my body :-/
I also had a bunch of dry costumes that I had picked up earlier that day. So I had to not only carry back my wet clothes (including my wet sneakers) but I also had to carry back a stack of dry costumes! Ug. When I was finally able to get on the bus back to my apartment, the bus was full :( so I was going to have to sit on the wet floor BUT my very good friend Mike from good 'ol Cazenovia was there and said that I could have his seat! :D He sat almost right behind me with another friend on the edge of the seat. I sat in Mike's seat and right next to his roommate...who was a really sweet guy! I felt bad because while we were talking I couldn't remember why I liked modern British Literature.... *blush* (Orwell and Doyle!!!!) *cough* anyway...I got home at 12:00am and made myself foods and talked with my roomie Alee for about two hours and watched Alien 3.

Sigh...it was a very interesting night.

*mug shot*

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