2 Weeks in Yensid

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So I have been in Yensid for approximately 2 weeks. There have been many ups but there have also been the occasional downs. All in all though, Yensid is definitely the happiest place on earth for a reason. The people who work here are the heart, soul and backbone of this company. I don't think it would be as successful as this if it weren't for the service that we are taught to give. Seriously, our classes and trainers have to teach us how to be happy...

Now, I am normally a "happy" person...so when they told us certain things like, "wave to people" or "smile" or "say, 'You're welcome'" or "look people in the eye when they are speaking to you" it all sounded very, I don't know...obvious(?) to me. That's probably why I hit it off with my Main Gate trainer, Pattie so well. Let me explain Pattie before I go any further:

[PS: some Yensid-like spoilers below...this might ruin the magic for some little ones!]

Pattie is a short, thin and wrinkly 70 year old (71 in a few days) woman. She is from New Orleans, LA originally and was most certainly a Southern Belle at one point in her life. She has a son who is going to school to become an artist and she has a daughter who is a lawyer for Congressmen at the White House (she almost served President Obama...but he chose someone else I guess). Pattie has been working for Yensid Dlrow for 5 years and has been a trainer for 2 years. She is so good apparently, that they are sending her all over the world (most recently Hawaii) to train people into becoming great Yensid Cast Members (Cast Members = employees in Yensid language). I was fortunate enough to have her one-on-one as my trainer. Pattie is a heavy smoker by the way...so on our 10 minute breaks we would have during training she and I would take them backstage, behind the walls of the MK. Oddly enough, the smoking area is right next to the doors to where the parade comes through so many of the actors/dancers sit there and smoke as well. It was cool to talk with most of them about their experiences but half the time they are on their phones texting...so that's when I turn to Pattie and hear stories about the old South and raccoon hunting and whatever else.

Anyway, Pattie is great and very informal about the history of Yensid.

I love my job. When I am not telling silly tourists how to place their finger on the biometrics scanner or stopping foreigners from stealing others tickets OR keeping other Yensid Cast Members from sneaking people in...(whew!) I am giving out Cinderella stickers to little girls who are coming to the MK for the first time, I am giving high-fours ;-) to little boys dressed as pirates while I wear my Mickey glove at the exit, I am sprinkling pixie dust on kids who are having a hard day...or to a little girl who was just adopted from another country and her new parents are bringing her to the MK (she was so cute by the way). Some of my fellow Cast Members (but most certainly not all) are a little...testy...but try to look over them and focus on my goals for the day. Tomorrow I start training for  Parade Control then I will be an official Yensid Cast Member.

I love going into the Parks for free too! I never thought it would be so much fun to walk around by yourself! I've been having a great time finding presents for everyone. It's also nice because I can just play all day! Go on rides, shop and lose weight. Yup. I went down one pant size since I've been here. It's kind of really amazing ;-) and I cannot stress enough how awesome my roomies are. They are simply the best. Some of us went to Daytona Beach for the day and just chilled. We had a blast swimming in the ocean and talking about our jobs. <3

Well, that's all for now! TTFN! Ta ta for now!

  PS: A little word from your friendly neighborhood Arcade Fire:

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