Finally in Disney! + A message to my Best Friends.

Talking with my new roomie, Kellie.

Heya friends!

I am finally living in Orlando, Florida and working for the great Walt Disney (God rest his soul :P). So far it has been a great few days (two to be exact) and I have met my roomies in the process. They are really, very nice and I adore them completely.
Kellie is from Colorado and is interested in doing the Professional Disney Internship in the spring next year just like I am. She wants to be a special event planer. Arielle is from New Orleans and would like to work with Hospitality in the future (she is also an avid tea drinker like me!). Bis is from Massachusetts and is a little bit like me in weird ways (I can't even really explain it...we just get each other! We must have known each other in a past life). Allie (pronounced "Ah-lee") is from Puerto Rico and was recently married to a Marine who is being stationed in Texas. She joined the Disney Program so that it would give her something positive to do while he was away. Karaline is from Connecticut and is sort of the supplier of the apartment (she bought most of the cleaning products, food and wine for the place! whoa!). All and all we get along swimmingly (of course it has only been two days...but i have high hopes for us!).
I do miss all of my friends and family from home...it has been hard for me to figure out my feelings about certain things in life and accomplishes that I want to make. I sort of discovered that there was this weird hole in my heart that I kept trying to fill, not knowing how to do so. Luckily, my church's convocation in L.A. helped me when a nun giving a talk said that when she lost someone she was very, very fond of (she didn't mention whether it was a lover, friend or family member or whether it was from death or a fickle heart) before she became a nun, she cried and cried for days. Finally, she meditated and prayed and asked God what she should do. She still had all of this love to give and now that that person was gone she had no one to give it to. Then she said that she felt this loving voice come to her and say, "Give that love to Me." So, since then that is what I have been trying to do.

This summer was a bit sad for me. I had already left my best friends and I knew that I would be leaving my family soon. I had a job but it didn't keep me as busy as I had hoped and I was able to see some friends sometimes but not as much as I really wanted. I wanted a career. I wanted to make people happy and I wanted to love someone. More importantly, I wanted someone to love me the same way in return. And you know what? I am so lucky that I have such good friends (you all know who you are) who do just THAT for me: love me like I love them. The ones that don't leave me in the dust and although I always knew that you were (and still are) there for me...I don't think I appreciated it as much as I do now. So, I'm just going to say: to all of you, I love you and miss you so much. You are a part of my family and I never want to lose you...you are too cool and too awesome. You guys and God fill that hole in my heart for me...you make up for all the heartaches and heartbreaks that I've had. That is so important to me. Thanks, yo ;)

I will have pictures and updates asap! Love & Peace <3

- Gracie

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