Wish List 2010

talking to Jellybean (aka my sister, Lily)

It's almost Thanksgiving which means that it's almost Christmas! Here is my wish list!!

 1.) Vampire Weekend's World Tour Shirt from Kung Fu Nation.com

2.) These words on strings set! I would love to hang them in my apartment!

3.) This song (without having to buy the Deluxe Edition to Moby's new CD Wait For Me...because I already have the original) Moby has always been one of my favorites since I was, like, 12 years old:

 4.) Speaking of Moby...I want this shirt as well:


5). This dress! It's so beautiful! I love the colors!! I am in need of more dresses in my life! I feel like I do not have enough. I want to be more girly I guess. :P

6.) Tea cup cozies from Etsy!

My cup of tea funny tea mug cup cozy handmade Santa Stache funny coffee mug cozy handmade
Om Nom funny coffee mug cozy handmade Bloody Hell funny coffee mug cozy purple handmade

 7.) The Paul & Joe "Alice in Wonderland" collection (yayyyyy!):


That's all for now! Love & Peace!

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