A Bunch of Stuff is a Happening!

Me and my roomies got a Christmas tree today at the Dollar Tree! It was only $25! wow!! We put up some cute lights and a star that changes colors! yay! While we put the Christmas tree up we at some of my Mommy's Thanksgiving cookies and listened to Dean Martin's Christmas album. It was a good time.


BUT earlier today my friends Shayla, Dakotah, Amanda, Ashley and I went to Disney auditions. Only Ashley made it to the final round. She is hopefully going to get a call soon! I really hope that she makes it into the Entertainment department here at Disney! That would be so cool!

Now for a little story:


Hello...my name is Roberto. I am a Florida lizard. I decided one day that it was too cool outside for me so I decided that I should sneak into Vista Way apartment 3502. I heard that my girl-friend Jessica had been over once before so I thought that it would be a good idea. When I got there I chilled near the window of the living room for goodness know how long! The girls were at the apartment all day...none of them noticed that I was there until Karalyn squealed! She caught me on the window sill...how much time went by I am not sure but what I got out of the whole ordeal was that one of the roommates wanted to kill me by throwing some bleach on me! First of all...that would not have worked (not at first) it would have made my scales burn then make me want to run around. Anway...the other three roomies decided that catching me would be the best bet. After getting a box and a bucket and after Gracie put a bag over her hand they made their move...but I was FAST!! I dodged the bucket and the box and jumped from the window sill to the floor but I wasn't fast enough...Gracie pounced on me like a lion catching its prey with her hands, ran out the door and then threw me outside into the bushes. After landing right next to my girl-friend Jessica we huddled together the rest of the night and planned our next invasion of 3502. THE END.

ps: I'm buying this soon: CLICK ME!!

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  1. That is one crazy lizard. Also, that dress very much looks like you.