Blog FAIL + Alice link

Okay Okay Okay...

Yes, this is a blog entry about how I haven't been blogging lately

No, I won't go on and on about how busy and stressed I've been

BUT I will tell you a tad bit about my summer (just to sum up a few things).

1. I went to Quebec, Canada
2. I got to see my lovely, British friend, Jake Munson!
3. I got to spend my birthday (July 5th) with my family and Will
4. I got a cute, little tea pot from my friend Shanna!
5. I will post pics of it later ;-)
6. My computer (after 4 years of complete loyalty) bailed on me by not recognizing my charger :(
7. One of my classes was cancelled! So, in order to stay on campus, I need to find a new class (I'm hoping on an Independent Study about monsters).
8. NO ONE has gotten back to me about this IS...and it's annoying.

So, right now I'm panicking (not cool) and trying to relax. And honestly, I haven't been in the mood to blog...it's been a weird summer for me I guess. I have tons of silly pics to post soon so once I get my computer and class figured out I promise I'll blog again :)

Love & Peace <3

PS: Alice Trailer!!! WEEEE!



  1. Oh darling!
    I'm sorry to hear they're jockeying you around like that with classes. If all you need is an elective I would take something for you! Something fun, interesting, and educational.

    There's a small metal jewelry class I'm in that you'd probably really dig. But it's cruddy hearing what you're going through with Caz.

    I miss your pretty face, ms. Gracie-lou!


  2. The jewelry class was technically full when I begged to get put into it, and they let me. So you should beg too & make steampunk jewelry with me and wonderful shiny pieces of fantastic with Caroline hehe

  3. Hope it all works out. I hear ya about the stress...ugh. Can it be over yet?