Senior Week

Watching: FullMetal Alchemist

Yesterday night was SUSHI NIGHT! Amber invited a bunch of us from the Canterbury adventure to join her for some sushi in the Target plaza. Laura, Shannon, Caroline, Mandi and I were the ones that could make it. I had not eaten sushi in about 3 years, since the last time I was in California. The place had my favorite kind, Avocado sushi and it was half off ($2 for sushi!? Heck yeah!). It was great to talk to people about England and so forth without worrying about the friends who had not gone and having them feel left out. It was very relaxing and a joy to be there with those girls. It was also quite an adventure! Mandi attempted to get saki but was carded, :P Caroline had to admit that she had fish the other day becasue she was not getting enough iron, I had to catch up A LOT with Laura because only seen her maybe TWICE the whole semester and I was able to spend time with Amber and Shannon (who would be graduatin in one week!) it was def. a good time.

I plan on going home this weekend and then come back to live with Miss Kate Sculley for the rest of senior week. I'm going to miss everyone <3


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the squid and the whale!!!!!!

  2. Has it been that long since you came to california?!?????!!?!?! That scares me!