Sunny Day

Listening to: Moby - Stars

It's amazing...I actually have interwebs *LAAAAAAAAAA!* I was vaccuming the couches when all of a sudden I noticed the Direcway thingy going crazy with flashing lights...and to those of us with Directway, that means: INTERNET! I stopped what I was doing and rushed here as fast as I could! I was supposed to do more of my British Literature paper but that can wait a little bit longer. hehe.

In other news: While at the library I picked up a couple of movies and one of them was Atonement. I hadn't seen it yet and I wanted to see what all of the hullabaloo was about. I liked it, but it was quite depressing and seemed to be more about the little girl than Keira Knightly and Mr. Tumnas. I was okay with that but I feel that the whole letter thingy with the "c" word and the fountain stuff should have been better portrayed and maybe even more added on to it. And this was only because I had no idea Keira loved the main guy until she brought him in the library...(wtf!!??) I don't know...I wasn't convinced that they really loved each other. Oh well. I thought the ending was quite good even though it was sad.

I have pictures to put up but I might wait until later to do so because I have not yet put them on my computer *sadness* TTFN! <3


  1. Atonement made me cry in the cinema. :(
    But I thought it was good, in a tragic way. Glad you had the chance to see it!

  2. TTFN reminded me that I got the whinny the pooh books from steve's parents recently. I always cry when Christopher Robin says goodbye.

  3. yeah... T-T TTFN was the original brb :)