Watching: Girl, Interupted

So, before I started watching Girl, Interupted, I thought I would try a movie that my friend Caitlin and my Professor suggested to me: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. It was very good! It was about this villian who kept an online blog and told people about his plans for world domination through it. He falls in love with his laundry buddy - and must defeat the "hero" of the story, Captain Hammer, before his love interest falls for the "hero." Anyway...I thought the ending didn't fit whatsoever - which I think is what made the movie work. Anyway, you can watch it here on HULU.

Will has been really busy with the fashion show - and I've been busy with my homework in general. I'm so ready to go home. I guess I'm not ready to be a senior and I know it will be fun but it's terrifying at the same time. And lately I've been feeling unwanted by people. I know it's really cheesy to talk about this kind of stuff on blogs but I just wanted to get it out there. I guess I don't know if it's "unwanted" but it's juat that I'm sick of people making obscene jokes all of the time. Honestly, it's starting to get really, really old. There are so many better things to talk about and I'm sorry but I'm sick of obscene music as well. This is crunch time and the last thing I want to listen to is rap music talking about sex. I don't think it's amusing. And because of this I feel like I have to leave the room or go for a walk instead of be with people. I don't know, I guess I'm just rambling but it's true. Oh well. Tonight's my last night of work and I'm hoping to finish my paper for my Independent Study by the end of April. Just 11 more pages to go! Huzzah! Okay, this was my rambling blog. Now I'm going to do some reading! TTFN <3

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