no one can stare at the wall as good as you my baby doll

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Today was barefoot day! Well, that's not what it was really called (it's actually One Day Without Shoes) but today a couple of kids on campus, including myself, didn't wear shoes all day to create awareness for children & adults who cannot afford shoes. We all got crazy stares and some people yelled at us for being "gross" and wondered "what happens if you step on glass?" Tianna had a pretty great come-back: "What about all of the children in the world who cannot afford shoes and step on glass, get infections and have their legs amputated?" Hahaha, she held it in though. My Mom was one of the people who told me to be careful of germs and foot warts (yikes!) but then you have to think, these kids and adults who don't have shoes have a 99.9% more chance of getting foot diseases and warts than I do for just having one day without shoes. It's so sad :( At any rate..I plan on SCRUBING my feet vigorously tonight when I shower.

PS: My favorite movie, book and song have been updated for the month of April <3


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