Watching: The Wizard of Oz

Today was a lovely spring day in New York! Mandi, Caroline and I went off on a little adventure today into Syracuse. Our first stop was a small coffee/tea cafe called Recess. It looked EXTREMELY ghetto from the outside and none of us really knew what to think of it at first. However, once we went inside, we saw the real deal: an Indie, Bohemian cafe with tattooed college students and and messy haird artists. It was simply lovely! Sadly, we could not stay for long and we ventured to a Hippie shoppe that Mandi and Caroline had told me about. There, I bought a few bandanas for myself as well as one for Caroline b/c she payed for my tea prior. It was then that we made our way to Carolsel mall and off to H&M.

Caroline returned a shirt and I bought a strapless bra for a dress of Will's that I am wearing for the fashion show. Honestly, I am NOT impressed with H&M's selection of spring wear...I find it uber tacky (though Caroline did find a cute peacock dress for me ^.^ alas...too expensive).
Eventually, Caroline had to go to Hott Topic to buy some jewelery so Mandi and I decided to go to Steve Madden and browse. Well, the browsing ended up being a shopping spree. Steve Madden was having a sale-thingy going on with scratch-off cards and what not. Well, the one that I got said 30% (the second highest!!) so I thought that I would look around and find a cheap show (yeah right) to use it on. I ended up picking up the "shoe of the week" which was already 10% off! I bought these really cute flats from Steve Madden for only $56.00 (originally $89.95). In Mandi's words, "It was a steal."

Afterwards, Caroline dropped off Mandi back at school and we walked through Manlius and got some ice-cream and sat in the park. After that, we saw an amazing movie at a little artsy movie theatre called, Sunshine Cleaning it was very beautiful and touching. I have seen better Indie films (Squid and the Whale, anyone?) but this was still good. Even more exciting was the trailor beforehand for a Indie/comedy called Away We Go! It looks like a grown-up version of Juno...if that makes sense...KAWAII!!! It was a great day!

Here are the two trailers for Sunshine Cleaning and Away We Go! <3


  1. I loooooooooove the squid and the whale!


  2. Oh man, never bring up indie movies around my coworkers. You will get into a marathon discussion that makes you want to run away screaming.

  3. Away We Go!, I literally saw the trailer a month ago and thought "huh, a grown up Juno..." and that was that - haha glad someone else thought so too